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The founder of our centre, Dr. Shilpa Hegde, completed her education from some of the most prestigious medical colleges in India. She completed her MD in Paediatrics from one of the oldest medical colleges in India, Grant Government Medical College and J. J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai.

With her special interest in child development and behavioral studies, she pursued a Fellowship in Learning Disability and Neurodevelopmental pediatrics from the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai.

She has worked as a developmental pediatrician in Mumbai. With a dream of starting a centre for child development, she formed a team of qualified and experienced therapists and started ‘KALARAVA- CENTRE FOR CHILD DEVELOPMENT’. Since its inception, the centre has provided comprehensive treatment in the field of Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrics in Mangaluru.

Dr Shilpa Hegde
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MBBS MD Pediatrics(Mumbai)
Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician


“Kalarava centre as a team is providing great support to my son who is 2 years and 10 months old, diagnosed with mild autism. In the last 6 months, he has made a lot of improvements in his receptive and expressive language, thanks to great effort from his speech therapist Jyotsana Shetty. Now he is able to understand our commands, communicate his needs through actions and say close to 20 to 30 words. She has always provided constant support to us and given us continous guidance as to how to further improve his communication skills. His OT therapist Rakshita has has helped to keep my son’s sensory related issues under control which was a major concern for me as a parent. His ABA therapist Josmi George has helped with improving his sitting tolerance along with improvements in gross motor imitation, improvement in eye contact and following commands. Dr. Shilpa has always been very approachable and provided all the support we needed. Kudos to the team for providing a great environment for child.”

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Shalna S

October 2022

“We visited Kalarava centre for my son who is diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. Our 1st meeting was with Dr. Shilpa Hegde. I must say that Dr. Shilpa makes us parents feel so confident about our own kids and evaluates the child with an ease. She recommends the necessary therapies. Regarding therapists, they are well trained and manage the sessions very well. We received ABA services from Anisha ma’am and OT services from Neetu ma’am. Both were very kind and sweet. They made sure my child was comfortable. The sessions went smoothly. They even gave us home program which helped a lot. I would highly recommend Kalarava centre.”

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Bhavna L

August 2022

It was a wonderful experience for last 6 months at kalarava with my child. My daughter was diagnosed with signs of hyperactivity and had autistic features. She had very poor eye contact, concentration and speech delay. Really grateful to Dr. Shilpa Hegde for helping us and guiding us to deal with this. They have an amazing team, my personal experience with the OT therapist Esther and ABA therapist Nivedita was an amazing one. Now my daughter’s eye contact and communicating skills have improved significantly. Thank you Kalarava and team.”

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Aksha F

May 2022

sushma poojarysushma poojary
04:46 12 Oct 23
As a ABA therapist my experience in Kalarava Child Development Center is really positive. Thank you Dr. Shilpa Hegde for your valuable guidance. Thanks to Veena mam and Asmitha mam for your help and for my friends.I highly recommend Kalarava Child Development Center to the parents seeking professional guidance to the children with developmental needs..Thank you
Afsana BanuAfsana Banu
05:09 01 Oct 23
It was a wonderfull experience working as a Physiotherapist in kalarava centre for two years.I would like to thank Dr shilpa hegde for the opportunity and for all the support. Iam glad to have been part of this amazing team where the whole team genuinely wants to make a difference in the life of children..Iam really gratefull for all the experience..It has been a pleasure working here.
Vivian LoboVivian Lobo
10:43 27 Sep 23
We visited Kalarava centre during our vacation in 2022 for my son who was showing some behavioral issues . We first met Dr. Shilpa for consultation. She evaluated him and made us feel confident with time everything will be fine. She recommended us with Occupational Therapy. Robin Sir was assigned to him, he is well trained and was able to gel easily with my son and managed to provide maximum support during our limited sessions we had due to our 1 month vacation. There were lot of changes seen in our kid during this period.During our next vacation in 2023 also we opted Kalarava for these sessions. Even few sessions taken for just few days showed lots of positive changes in our kid. During our second visit Doctor assigned OT and included Behavioral Therapy. My son was very happy to meet his Robin Sir, the bond created during last year was really strong. We met Vani ma'am for his BT sessions. The positive attitude she carries is remarkable. Every session had good impact on our son. Both the Therapists made sure my child was comfortable. The sessions went smoothly.Even after our return back to Kuwait, we still request for online sessions, the way Vani ma'am talks wit him and tries to make him understand even gives us hope soon all will be alright.I would highly recommend Kalarava centre. Whenever we feel distress, always only one name comes in our mind - "KALARAVA can help". Thank you very much for helping our child cope with his emotions supporting our quires.
Lavita D SouzaLavita D Souza
11:20 14 Sep 23
Working as s speech language therapist in kalarava has taught me many things. I have really gained new skills which are foundation for my career. Iam very confident enough to continue on my own. Thanks to dr.shilpa for the opportunity, Veena ma'am for anytime help and whole team for the best memories 😁
Khadeeja MehrKhadeeja Mehr
12:29 12 Sep 23
My experience of starting my professional career working as a speech and language therapist at Kalarava has been a wonderful one, for both my personal and professional growth.I really acknowledge and appreciate all the efforts that Dr.Shilpa and team take to make it a great working environment.I also thank her for guiding and supporting me throughout.I highly recommend Dr.shilpa and her entire team to all the parents seeking professional help for their children with developmental needs in mangalore.
Bhavya RaoBhavya Rao
17:13 08 Sep 23
I had the pleasure of working with Afsana, a child physiotherapist, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Afsana displayed remarkable patience while working with my child, which immediately put us at ease. Her ability to handle young children is truly commendable, and it was evident that she genuinely cared about their well-being.What stood out to me was her capability to manage sessions alone, ensuring my child received the attention and care they needed. Afsana was also incredibly accommodating with scheduling, making sure to find times that worked best for us, which made the entire process much smoother.One aspect that I truly appreciated was how she took the time to educate me as a parent and empowered me to take an active part in my child’s progress.Overall, Afsana made a tremendous difference in my child's life. Her expertise, patience, and dedication to her work shine through in every session. I highly recommend Afsana to any parent in need of a child physiotherapist – she's truly exceptional!
Deepika BelDeepika Bel
16:46 08 Sep 23
I am very greatful to ABA therapist Anisha ma'am, becuause My son is now 4 and half years old. He was not talking. When he was 3 years old. He was saying only "Amma". Whatever it said did not give diligence. There were so many differences in his behavior. Seeing it when i showed to a pediatrition Dr. Murai keshav Sir they are reffered to be Dr. Shilpa Ma'am. I came to Kalarava and met Dr. Shilpa ma'am she says he has mild autism. Be very bored at the time when I heared it. Dr. Shilpa ma'am suggested for him to immediate start ABA therapy. According to Dr. Suggetion we have started ABA therapy after detailed assessment.ABA therapist Anisha ma'am was very co-operative with me and have always cleared my doubts. To my surprise my son was very happy and enjoying sessions with his therapist. Anisha ma'am as they were expirienced dedicated kind and friendly. Many tips were given how i can handle the situation. In a short time of 3 months my son's behaviour, speech, eye contact etc., overhall very good improved.It's been 1 and half year journey in Kalarava my child as completely overcome autism. According to Dr. Shilpa ma'am suggestion we have now stopped ABA therapyThe experience is very good and we also learnt lot of things.We are specially thankful to ABA therapist Miss Anisha ma'am for all their efforts & patience with us. My son always miss you ma'am (Anisha chechi)He wont remember you daily. (Anisha chechi, Anna chechi, bhagya chechi, nayana chechi and Akhil sir) he is all of you now missing everyday.❤️I would also like to thank Dr. Shilpa maam, Veena Ma'am, Sandhya ma'am (ST) and Akhil Sir (RT) for their sincere efforts.Thank you so much Kalarava team ❤️
Deepa NDeepa N
09:55 31 Aug 23
As a ABA therapist , My experience in KALARAVA center of child development has been really good and positive, Thank you for your support and guidance Dr.Shilp Hegde, having been a part of such a team that helps to children to overcome come their difficulties, I am highly recommended Kalarava Child Development center to any parent seeking professional guidance and intervention for their child’s developmental needs... thank you ☺️❤️
Teena SoniaTeena Sonia
13:43 11 Aug 23
I'm very grateful to Shwetha , therapist who was very cooperative.I could see a lot improvement in my son who had language delay.Lot of insight, feed backMany tips were given how I can handle this situation.Handled my child with care.Kalarava is the best place to improve our child's language and speech.I could see a lot of changes in his behaviour too.Thank you so much 💖
06:09 28 Jul 23
It's been an year in this centre.Have seen significant improvement in various areas of development in my child.My experience at the KALARAVA Development Centre has been very good. Initially they assessed my daughter & based on the assessment report she recommended OT and ABA therapy. Initially my daughter spoke barely few words & also very less sitting tolerance. After completing one year of therapy she has improved remarkable. She is much better with new people and her speech,sitting tolerance and handwriting skills improved.The therapist here have been very cooperative with me and have always cleared my doubts.Recently, since 2 months my daughter joined Group therapy sessions. Where my daughter enjoys very much and her social skill improved.I am extremely thankful to Dr.Shilpa Hegde ma'am🙏🏻All the therapist are very good.special mention to Josmi George (ABA) & Riya Gonsalves (OT) their patience and dedicated efforts towards my kid is incredible.🙏🏻We are happy with the progress so far though we feel still lots of scope is there for further improvement. We are hoping that we continue see the progress graph upwards.I highly recommend it to anyone who needs therapy.
Meeta PoojaryMeeta Poojary
14:30 18 Jul 23
I am delighted to share my experience with Kalarava. A very good place for parents having kids with any sort of disorder from an early age. Being associated with Kalarava when my child was 4 years old, and now he is 7 years old ,it’s a great experience. With appropriate guidance by Dr. Shilpa Hegde , her team mates and by gods grace my son has shown great improvement in these years . My son being a hyperactive child Kalarava has helped me to overcome his hyperactivity to a level now that has made him independent in his primary schooling journey . As I still continue with Kalarava I would like to take a moment and Thank everyone at Kalarava for your support , help and care . Especially Dr Shilpa who has been always approachable. Thanks a lot Doctor Shilpa.😊
Ashwitha ShettyAshwitha Shetty
13:27 16 Jun 23
As a parent of a child with special needs finding the right support system is of utmost importance. I am delighted to share my experience with Kalarava which has been providing exceptional OT, Speech, and ABA therapies for my child. We started to notice developmental delays and sensory issues in my daughter Isha when she was 2yrs old. We were referred to Dr Shilpa Hegde by our pediatrician for assessments. After detailed assessment, as per doctors’ advice we have immediately started Speech, OT and ABA therapy. It has been close to 2 yrs that we are associated with Kalarava and we are seeing a tremendous improvement in our daughter. She has developed speech, her sensory issues have reduced, she has started to communicate her needs, her social interaction is getting better.Kalarava Centre is staffed with highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping children with special needs. One of the standout features of this center is their commitment to provide individualized attention and tailor-made therapy plans for each child. It is very difficult to find a therapy center which is monitored by a developmental pediatrician. The Founder of Kalarava Centre Dr Shilpa Hegde keeps a close watch on each child’s progress and suggest if any changes needed in therapy plan.I would like to thank Dr Shilpa Hegde for her support and guidance throughout Isha’s journey in Kalarava, Her OT therapist, her favorite Veena Susan – I Know Thank you is a very small world to express our gratitude for all the hard work you have done for Isha. We feel blessed to have you as Ishas therapist. I would like to thank all the therapists who have worked with Isha in the past 2 years.I wholeheartedly recommend Kalarava Child Development center to any parent seeking professional guidance and intervention for their child’s developmental needs.